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1/6 - Dr. Robert Forman


Show Topic: Everything Spiritual


Dr. Forman is uniquely qualified both personally and professionally to re-imagine the spiritual life. A meditator of 40 years, he gained a Ph.D. from Columbia University, specializing in religious experiences around the world, and became a tenured professor of comparative religions at City University of New York.  After he retired from teaching he helped found the Journal of Consciousness Studies and founded and still directs the Forge Institute for Spirituality and Social Change, which has developed the Soul Jazz family of programs to help people weave the depths of their spiritual discoveries into their everyday lives. 


Personally Dr. Forman hasn’t missed a day of meditation in 43 years. He broke through to the first major life shift he sought during a nine-month meditation retreat, at the ripe old age of 24.  Further developments have continued through his lifetime of yearly solo meditation retreats, self-reflection, 18 years of psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic training, marital work, college level teaching, writing and leading workshops and his research into and national leadership role in the “spiritual but not religious” movement.  Thus both personally and professionally, he is truly uniquely qualified to re-imagine the spiritual goal and the path to it.


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