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About Keith  (Yah Nah Vah)

Rev. Keith Anthony Blanchard is the Founder and Host for Center of Light whose listening audience has reached over 4.5 million. Keith is the author of several bestselling books, The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven on Earth, For the Love of God: A Spiritual Journey and HOMECOMING: Crossing the Bridge to the Soul.

Mr. Blanchard has co-produced and produced two films, “Do What You Love” and “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth.”

Keith Anthony Blanchard was born on November 30, 1963, in Houma, Louisiana, and had a typical middle class Catholic upbringing. In his early teens, he often entertained himself by pondering the big questions about God and the universe. Little did he know that the day would come when those questions would form the spiritual foundation upon which he would build the rest of his life.

In his late twenties, Keith went through a crisis that stripped him of everything he held dear and left him with no choice but to turn inward for answers. This he did, but the peace and stability he so wanted still eluded him.

When he was thirty-two, celestial beings began to appear to him, sharing glimpses of his future and the world's. Not only did they enlighten and guide him, they instructed him to pass their message on to others so that they, too, could learn a higher way of living.

Now fifty and living a peaceful, stable life, Keith continues to pursue his passion to both learn and teach about Truth.
As a Spiritual Anchor, Keith is remarkable in his naturally sincere love and acceptance of all people which is palpable to those who connect with him.

When speaking to a live audience, Keith brings his gift of deep intuition to attune the conversation to the most immediate needs and desires of his audience. As a live presenter and spiritual leader, his broad and vast spiritual wisdom and background enlightens and resonates with a wide range of spiritual seekers and Light Workers.

Born in Houma, Louisiana, and currently residing in Memphis, Tennessee, Mr. Blanchard is a devoted father and enjoys a life-long career as a professional musician in both contemporary music and with his spiritual band, LavenderSoul.

Keith's YouTube Channel

Memoirs of A Mystic

Almost every day I go into prayer for hours at a time and recite the mantra above, in my bed with covers over my head, and lose myself into the Divine, only to find myself in a greater bliss than I have known and I don't ever want to leave that space. In this space of Samadhi (union with God), I have no intentions whatsoever but to merge.

I am learning to FULLY surrender.
I Am Changing Inside ... I FEEL IT!
My lower back pulses with Kundalini Fire of Divine
Mother, and Brother, let me tell you ... this type of devotion will bring the Ocean of Light into you, working its way to the top of your head, bringing one into Conscious Union with the Soul. There is a discomfort that comes with it. When you have such an energy effulgent with 10,000 suns, the body/bodies has/have to adjust, contort, expand and contract.
Basically, you will squirm around a lot.
What I am saying is, I Am Becoming the
 Sacred Name through the chanting of Om Sri Sairam Guru Deva Datta.
I am not special. I am sincere.

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