Vanessa says, "I am a visionary, ancient wisdoms teacher and healer, Reiki Master, musician and interdimensional channeler. I hold a  Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology. My work with sound healing and light language augments my healing practice and adds depth to my teaching style.  The Lyran-Sirian Council, a galactic collective, are a benevolent group of star beings that aid my professional work and bring new updates...

Meditation is such an important discipline to better one's life to bring about the joy, peace and bliss all human beings were born to experience while residing upon the Earth.


Susannah Furr, M.Ed., is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 25 years of experience in the counseling field. In addition to counseling, she has taught many courses in meditation, attuned others in Reiki, facilitated workshops and retreats, and utilize...

Drawing on both personal experience and philosophical reflection, Dr. Anya describes how to cultivate intentional relationships: creative, non-conventional bonds that center on principles of honesty, compassion, forgiveness, and the celebration of desire. Through suggested meditations and activities for daily practice, we can evolve our consciousness by pursuing open, unconditional love in all our relations.


Dr. Anya skillfull...

The angels love to be in relationship with us. They see how scared and confused we can get and they long to guide us toward ease and comfort. They enjoy a playful relationship with us – it’s not necessary to talk in hushed, reverent tones around them. They like to help us find good parking spots and to make our life easier. They like to help us feel centered and confident. They like us to feel loved.


Laura is an Angel Guide an...

June 1, 2015

Energy is in everything. Everything is energy. Energy is a tool and resource to navigate on this physical journey. The more you understand about energy, the more you understand the bigger picture/plan. There are no coincidences or accidents. Everything is synchronistic. The Universe conspires to facilitate for us through synchronicity. Synchronicity is our life on purpose. Our lives are sculpted energetically through synchroni...

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"Peace, Love and Unity: A Modest Documentary"

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