Marie Saint-Louis is a Psychic Medium and Author of the book RSVP from Heaven with international cliental and a growing celebrity list. She began conducting sessions from her kitchen table and then moved on to read at parties and events around other cities. Marie also works with law enforcement and families on criminal and missing person’s cases. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her two rescued cats, numerous houseplants, an...

"Children of the Rainbow: How the New Generation of Children Are Changing Our Future"

Over the past four years, actress and producer Kristie Reeves has been interviewing people from all over the world for the documentary series "The Children of the Rainbow" and she shares her learnings with Keith. 

German born, Kristie Reeves has been in the entertainment industry since childhood. Kristie has worked intensely in dance, theater,...

Carmen M. Perez is a Lifestyle Expert and Mentor for Entrepreneurs, the author of “How to Be a Spiritual Girl in a Material World” to be released later this summer and creator of Effortless Living Online, a lifestyle blog for the heart centered and purpose driven who want to reclaim their time and calm the chaos so they may transform the way they experience their world.

Carmen has a unique understanding of the difficulties invo...

What's going on? Awakening? Ascension? The human experience? Navigating the New Earth and living as a multidimensional being can be confusing, liberating, and exhilarating. Join us as we dive into how to remain grounded, present, and rooted in service as humanity continues to accelerate and shift into the next stage of ... us. 


Alexis Petrin is an embodied Supernova playing in a human suit. As a former raging self-defeatist tu...

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"Peace, Love and Unity: A Modest Documentary"

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