December 4, 2017

In times that feel unsure, there is a source of peace inside. In this show, we'll explore how to access that knowing so you can contribute to the worlds evolution, instead of being in a state of fear, reactivity, or avoidance. Bio: Anastasia Netri is a transformational coach who “doesn’t sugarcoat spirituality and personal growth in fluffy New Age cliches.” Her first published book, “Self Realization for Regular People” was bi...

August 22, 2017

A paradigm-shattering new science of the sacred feminine is being birthed. Menstrual stem cells, telepathy, the mother consciousness of the cerebellum, epigenetics of love, Akashic memory, quantum coherence fields of sacred relationship … Our bodies, and the world of physical matter, contain the deepest magic – and this is now being proven by modern science. Come learn about this beautiful new world of possibility, as explored...

Brian says, "I am addicted to thought and addicted to creativity … I am always making something, studying something, or playing something. I believe that 'imagination is more important that knowledge'… I try to 'play' more then I 'think'… I follow my intuition … my heart … turn off the judgment … including judging myself. I’ve been 'blessed' to be able to meditate and be in 'ceremony' with many great elder leaders (Lakota, Hop...

February 13, 2017

"Ego, Enlightenment and Other Essentials"
Ever lie in bed fantasizing about an easier more fulfilling life? Join the club! Learn how you can be FREE to be the real you and create what your authentic self desires. In this book you'll discover how to experience:
F — Freedom from illusion
R — Relief from the burden of your ego story
E — Excitement over authentic evolution/change
E — Expansion in all areas of your life

The auth...

September 12, 2016

Craig Pearson is Vice-President of Academic Affairs Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, and a leader in its unique Consciousness-Based approach. 

He is the author of two books:
The Supreme Awakening: Experiences of Enlightenment Throughout Time – and How You Can Cultivate Them
The Complete Book of Yogic Flying 
He has spoken around the United States on higher stages of human development

Dr. Pearson holds a P...

"Children of the Rainbow: How the New Generation of Children Are Changing Our Future"

Over the past four years, actress and producer Kristie Reeves has been interviewing people from all over the world for the documentary series "The Children of the Rainbow" and she shares her learnings with Keith. 

German born, Kristie Reeves has been in the entertainment industry since childhood. Kristie has worked intensely in dance, theater,...

What's going on? Awakening? Ascension? The human experience? Navigating the New Earth and living as a multidimensional being can be confusing, liberating, and exhilarating. Join us as we dive into how to remain grounded, present, and rooted in service as humanity continues to accelerate and shift into the next stage of ... us. 


Alexis Petrin is an embodied Supernova playing in a human suit. As a former raging self-defeatist tu...

Glendys is a natural born, self-taught Healer. She incarnated with the knowledge and understanding of human consciousness through many lifetime experiences as a Healer, Ascended Master, Oracle, Seer and Teacher. Her mission is one of unity, awakening, and raising human consciousness through empowerment and mastery of one's self. 


Until the age of 25, Glendys was asleep in the illusion of this now reality, having forgotten her...

Dick Larson is a counselor with a background in education, business, and communication. In addition to being a guest on radio talk shows nationwide, he has co-hosted a radio program and produced and hosted a series of public access television shows that air around the nation.

Mr. Larson served in the US Air Force, was a special education teacher with the Los Angeles School District, then worked as an international corporate b...

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