Are you ready to embrace a fresh and empowering Epiphany in your life? Let's do this!

A meaningful Journey that yields lasting transformation requires these key elements: Courage to begin, Decision to stay committed, and Guidance as you proceed.

Join us as Renee lovingly calls you forward into an experiential exploration to discover:
~ The Sacred Container from Knowing You Are Cherished
~ The Sacred Compass of BEing One with...

January 16, 2017

"In 1975, as far as my current understanding is, I was born as the first experimental crystal child, meaning they could not program nor condition me. I have been awake all my life but also had to experience the human condition and go through a process of awakening. My role is to create a pathway for the ascension of the awakening consciousness for the planet. We had a one in 7.8 billion chance that we could be able to accompli...

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