October 16, 2017

In this broadcast, Joseph discusses the problem of duality as it applies in science and spirituality and demonstrate the importance of resolving the binding paradox by pointing to the negative consequences of the separation and concomitant anxiety, implicit in dualism, that really affects us in our ordinary lives. I will then introduce the listeners to a new concept that is proposed to bridge the divide and provide us a pair o...

February 13, 2017

"Ego, Enlightenment and Other Essentials"
Ever lie in bed fantasizing about an easier more fulfilling life? Join the club! Learn how you can be FREE to be the real you and create what your authentic self desires. In this book you'll discover how to experience:
F — Freedom from illusion
R — Relief from the burden of your ego story
E — Excitement over authentic evolution/change
E — Expansion in all areas of your life

The auth...

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"Peace, Love and Unity: A Modest Documentary"

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