Kristie Reeves is an actress, producer, international speaker and author. For the past six years she has been producing and interviewing on the series "The Children of the Rainbow", a documentary series about the new generation of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. She is also the host of the Radio/ TV Show "Rebel Hearts w/ Kristie Reeves" at UBN- Universal Broadcasting Network.

Who are the Indigo and Rainbow children? What...

"Children of the Rainbow: How the New Generation of Children Are Changing Our Future"

Over the past four years, actress and producer Kristie Reeves has been interviewing people from all over the world for the documentary series "The Children of the Rainbow" and she shares her learnings with Keith. 

German born, Kristie Reeves has been in the entertainment industry since childhood. Kristie has worked intensely in dance, theater,...

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"Peace, Love and Unity: A Modest Documentary"

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