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this MONDAY, APRIL 20th, at 6PM Eastern, 5PM CDT, 3PM Pacific. 

Join Keith for Center of Light Radio's Maiden Voyage, as we will become spiritual astral-nauts heading for inner space.


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Show Topic:

"Keith's four-year experience with

an alien Human Hybrid, Heroic Nucleus 8"





Rex is a retired clinical psychologist who spent 40 years of his life evaluating and treating people with mental disorders. He has always believed in the existence of God, seeks to do His will, and attempts to live by the Golden Rule. Upon the urging of Al Tasha, Marjorie’s guardian angel, he kept daily notes for fifteen years about their incredible experiences with inter-dimensional beings which are the basis for his books. When others show interest, he enjoys discussing the many spiritual adventures he and his inter-dimensional family experienced. He lives in a house he built by hand, with help from his earthly family, and keeps his tractor and other tools in the barn he built, with help from 8, a channeling extraterrestrial, which are located on twelve acres of his beloved trees and pasture in rural northwest Tennessee.




April 27th 

Show Topic:

"Energy Balancing Therapy 

For Hightly Senstive Children"





Niki Elliott, Ph.D. is a master energy therapist, speaker, author, and pioneer in the fields of energetic healing, education and intuition development. She is the former host of the live radio show, “Nurturing Intuitive Children with Dr. Niki” which aired on Dreamvisions 7 Radio at 1510am NBC Sports Radio, in Boston.

In 2011, Dr. Niki founded Innerlight Sanctuary, a holistic family center in Altadena, CA. She developed Innerlight Energy Balancing Therapy (IEBT), a hands-on healing technique that helps highly sensitive children and adults regulate mood, learning and behavior challenges. Her unconventional approach to supporting special needs children and their families has been embraced in mainstream schools and medical institutions. 

Dr. Niki and her team travel nationally to train teachers and therapists to implement energy balancing in schools and in private practice. Dr. Niki’s extensive background in academic curriculum development and instruction gives her a unique foundation to create meaningful learning experiences for people of all ages. She developed The Innerlight Method™ to offer a grounded, practical, state-of-the-art system of intuition and consciousness development to help children and adults balance energy in everyday life.

Dr. Niki earned a Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley, a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in Education from UCLA. She holds elementary teaching credentials in California and New Jersey. She has trained for more than a decade in energy healing modalities, is a Usui Reiki Master and a certified Kundalini yoga instructor. A dedicated wife and mother, Dr. Niki lives to provide inspiration and support to struggling families nationwide.






May 4th

Show Topic: 

"Awakening to your own Heart Based

Operating System"




Discover how your language, body signals, and life situations are a specific call for exacting changes and upgrades. Find simple and successful techniques to reverse your current limitations into your Heart's Fulfilled Desires with ease.


ROBERT TENNYSON STEVENS, developer and CEO of Mastery Systems International, is a leader in the influence of language, imagination, facilitation techniques, body language, and consciously birthing and enjoying our dreams, now. He is the creator and facilitator of a dynamic curriculum of personal and professional empowerment technologies, trainings, and support materials. In providing personal and corporate coaching and facilitation for 40+ years, Robert has developed systems for attaining heart-felt outcomes quickly and gives his students exacting tools to replicate his successes and beyond in sustaining paradigm shifts in health, business, communication and attaining heart-felt outcomes.


Robert is the founder of:

Conscious Language™

Sacred Body Language Translations™

Imagination Activation™

Transforming Emotion Into Motion™

Bio-Optic Holography™

Life Upgrade Coaching™

Robert is currently inviting those who are shaping our New Earth to become Life Upgrade Coaches through extensive Virtual and Live Trainings. Visit for further information.





May 11th

Show Topic:

"90 Days of Heat"







David Matthew Brown, and we will be discussing how David's 100 straight days of hot yoga healed him from his divorce. David's book shares his authenticity, vulnerability, and his journey back home to his heart. Some have called his journey, "Eat. Pray. Love." for men. On the show we take you inward to peace.


To call into the show live call: 888.919.2355. To listen live go to: Or, you can go to the app store on your phone and download the INCEPTION RADIO NETWORK app for FREE! Everything is easy accessible: chat room, listen live link, news, archives and much more!

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David Matthew Brown devotes his time to sharing a fresh and unique message of transcendence, unity, and spiritual healing. Alongside his message, David’s skill and experience as a speaker, facilitator, and Practitioner of the Presence are eagerly and increasingly sought after by audiences across the world. David’s uniquely positive spiritual perspectives are especially vibrant in his work as an author, a teacher, and a counselor (trained at the AGAPE International Spiritual Center).


Formerly the host of INSIDE OUT, David was blessed with the opportunity to speak with a litany of guests, including Swami Kriyananda, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Cynthia James, and Matthew Fox to name a few. David also had the honor of hosting and reporting at Dr. Jane Goodall’s DAY OF PEACE, where he interviewed top celebrities on peace, including Pierce Brosnan, Soleil Moon Frye, Marilu Henner, and Rose Byrne.



David is on rotation as a speaker at Unity Burbank. He has been a guest speaker at many Unity Churches across California. He has also spoken at the Los Angeles Church of Religious Science, The Wellness Center for Cancer, Freedom Path, Warner Brothers, Sony, Paramount, Nike, the United Nations Los Angeles, and over 75 other engagements.



David has been consulted as an expert and interviewed on Radio, Television, and Print. He has been seen, heard and read on Hay House Radio, Spirit TV, the Alana Pratt Show, CBS radio, the Lisa Zimmer Show, Miracle Café, Awakenings, Blog Talk Radio, KCSB 91.9 FM, Freeman Michael’s Show, the Lauren Mackler Show, Energy Talk Radio, Unity Magazine, The Infinite Field Magazine, Arizona Republic, and the Huffington Post, among many others.






May 18th

Show Topic: 

"It's An Inside Job!"






Its an INSIDE Job! We look for love, validation and success "outside". Even when are "spiritual" we do. I know. I lived it. After reading hundreds of self-help books with no results. I finally found the missing ingredient. I will share what that is! When we put it in to practice you WILL experience amazing results!


Maria Felipe is an Ordained Minister through Pathways of Light, which she uses to help people quiet their mind, hear their inner guidance, and connect to God. Maria has taken her love as a Reverend and student of the Course In Miracles to create her own channel on You Tube by hosting MariaCoconut TV, a show geared toward inspiring, sharing, and expanding the message of love by interviewing other Spiritual leaders. Her passion to inspire others helped her start the first Spanish ministry at Unity of Burbank where she also speaks on rotation at the English service. Maria also can be seen on TV, Film, Commercials and modeling both nationally and internationally. 


Originally from Miami, she moved to pursue her dreams in Hollywood, as an Actress and Model, after great success in her field she felt called inward. After a series of events in her life she was encouraged to become a Reverend at Pathways of Light based on A Course In Miracles and became ordained in Nov 2012. She had always been deeply moved by the teachings of A Course In Miracles and jumped in.


2014 Maria began sharing her message with the world! Speaking in Greece, Mexico and appearing on national Television: CNN Latino, Coffee Break and Tu Vision Canal.


2015 Maria was a presenter at the A Course In Miracles Conference in New York.


It’s just the beginning for this 5’9’ women with a personality to match!


Her passion continues as she brings forward her talents as a host, actress, and Reverend. And her life continues to be guided by the inner light of God.





May 25th

Show Topic: 

"Love Breathe For Earth: A Living Hypothesis"







What happens when you gather people around the globe and invoke their most loving memories? Hillary Raimo, founder of Love Breathe for Earth global meditations, joins me on the air to discuss her year long experiential hypothesis. Hear how the story began, what Love Breathe for Earth is stirring in hearts around the globe. A movement of higher consciousness is rippling across the globe, reclaiming humanities relationship with nature and asking all to bloom!


HIllary, founder of Love, Breathe for Earth, is a well known psychic medium, ordained nondenominational minister, master Reiki healer (Usui & Karuna), a shamanic practioner, and Earth Oracle.


Hillary Raimo is an expert on multi-dimensional healing. She specializes in communicating about how the mind/body healing process frees consciousness on a personal to global level in order to help enable body energy and collective consciousness to transcend time and space. Her international client-base consulting ranges from high level corporate complex executives to filmmakers, best selling authors, celebrities, and to thousands of world citizens.






June 1st

Show Topic: "Energy and Synchronicity"







Energy is in everything. Everything is energy. Energy is a tool and resource to navigate on this physical journey. The more you understand about energy, the more you understand the bigger picture/plan. There are no coincidences or accidents. Everything is synchronistic. The Universe conspires to facilitate for us through synchronicity. Synchronicity is our life on purpose. Our lives are sculpted energetically through synchronicity.

Madra Little, Conscious Channel, Practitioner of the Healing Arts, Vibrational Resonance Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Facilitator for Personal & Spiritual Growth. Having experienced a complete transformation in late 2001 which she contributes to the crystal skull consciousness, Madra has been facilitating the journey of self-discovery & self-realization for others for over a decade now. A gifted intuitive, she utilizes hypnosis, crystals, sound, and color as tremendous tools in raising vibration and changing lives. Her 'essence' is extremely effective in facilitating spiritual evolution and soul integration. An important part of helping others is in sharing life's experiences for it's in sharing that we realize our true identities and abilities'. Sharing' uplifts and empowers us serving as a catalyst for remembering.

As a facilitator of transition and transformation, she currently serves in various capacities for those seeking guidance in navigating on their journey. She is a pioneer in vibrational resonance through sound and is known for her sound meditations in the Memphis, TN and surrounding area. She helps others connect with their own innate gifts & abilities on their soul's journey, and coaches them in getting their creative and productive energies flowing which is vital to living a fulfilled life and being on purpose.The focus and intent of her work is to restore balance facilitating healing at every level and assisting others in the return to Grace. She facilitates events, workshops, meditations and represents the Divine Feminine in restoring balance to the planet. Services offered: Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Energetic & Soul Readings, Spiritual & Personal Coaching, Vibrational Sound Healing, Dream Interpretation, Reiki & Long Distance Healing.







June 8th

Show Topic: "Love, Sex and Relationship"







Drawing on both personal experience and philosophical reflection, Dr. Anya describes how to cultivate intentional relationships: creative, non-conventional bonds that center on principles of honesty, compassion, forgiveness, and the celebration of desire. Through suggested meditations and activities for daily practice, we can evolve our consciousness by pursuing open, unconditional love in all our relations.


Dr. Anya skillfully draws on the wisdom of previous generations of spiritual outlaws and polyamorous pioneers, as well as her own expansive personal experience, to offer clarity on the sometimes puzzling concept of relationship as a spiritual path to a new generation of seekers. Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol, author of The Seven Natural Laws of Love and Polyamory in the 21st Century.


Dr. Anya's book, Opening Love, is a vital addition to the literature on relationships, filling the current gap that exists around relationships as a form of spiritual practice and a means of personal growth. The book presents a radical approach to relationships in comparison to current relationship books, most of which focus on a limited, and problematic, approach to achieving safety through rule-based systems. Instead Dr. Anya's focus is on relational ethics, community building and open communication: all of which seem much more likely to enable sustainable and mutual relationships. Dr. Meg Barker, author of Rewriting the Rules: An Integrative Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships.


This beautiful book is both lucid and accessible and will open doors that, whether or not the reader chooses to pass through them, will enhance their quality of being simply by being aware of them. Dr. Anya gently encourages the reader to entertain new possibilities as well as offering companionship to those who have already ventured into them. I recommend this book as an exploration of what it means to be human. Roshi Ingen Breen, Soto Zen Buddhist Association.





June 15th

Show Topic: "Angels"







The angels love to be in relationship with us. They see how scared and confused we can get and they long to guide us toward ease and comfort. They enjoy a playful relationship with us – it’s not necessary to talk in hushed, reverent tones around them. They like to help us find good parking spots and to make our life easier. They like to help us feel centered and confident. They like us to feel loved.

Laura is an Angel Guide and Energy Healer. She is an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, YUEN METHOD PRACTITIONER and REGISTERED YOGA TEACHER. Laura has been offering alternative healing since 2007. In her healing sessions, Laura weaves together Yuen Method energy healing with Angel Therapy® techniques. The Yuen Method (which is a modernized form of Qi Gong – Chinese energetic medicine) strengthens the flow of chi energy in the spinal cord and throughout the body and meridians by identifying areas of weakness and correcting them to strength. It’s a powerful and effective, yet gentle and hands-off form of energy healing. In addition, Laura is grateful to have attended “angel camp” with Doreen Virtue in 2008 and offers her clients angel healing and guidance, as well as readings from archangels, ascended masters, spirit guides, animal spirit guides and nature spirit guides.

Communicating with the angelic realm has become very comfortable and familiar, but Laura never takes it for granted. She checks in with her guardian angels often and receives their love and guidance throughout the day. Though she has heard and seen countless magnificent angel messages over the years, she is still discovering more about the love and support of heaven.

In addition to the Yuen Method and Angel Therapy®, Laura has also been influenced by Christianity, Buddhism, yoga philosophy, anthroposophy, Ho’oponopono, A Course In Miracles, Law of Attraction as well as authors such as Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford and Byron Katie. She deeply enjoys working with her clients and celebrates their healing with them every day.

Laura is excited about offering mini angel readings to our listeners tonight. If you have a question for the angels, Laura is happy to deliver the answer. If you’d like to know what your guardian angel looks like, or what archangel is assisting you right now, you can ask.








June 22nd

Show Topic: "Meditation: Tune In & Power UP"





Meditation is such an important discipline to better one's life to bring about the joy, peace and bliss all human beings were born to experience while residing upon the Earth.

Susannah Furr, M.Ed., is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 25 years of experience in the counseling field. In addition to counseling, she has taught many courses in meditation, attuned others in Reiki, facilitated workshops and retreats, and utilizes her highly developed intuition to conduct intuitive consultations. Susannah's mission is to be a loving witness and guide for others who are awakening their hearts and seeking to balance and integrate the fragments of self into Wholeness.






June 29th

Show Topic: "Star People, Cosmic Updates

and Light Language





Vanessa says, "I am a visionary, ancient wisdoms teacher and healer, Reiki Master, musician and interdimensional channeler. I hold a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology. My work with sound healing and light language augments my healing practice and adds depth to my teaching style. The Lyran-Sirian Council, a galactic collective, are a benevolent group of star beings that aid my professional work and bring new updates and insights. My wish is to support, inspire and guide you in reclaiming your starlight!








July 6th

Show Topic: "Hidden Keys To Peak Power"



Steve discusses The Hidden Keys to Peak Power and will examine the importance of:
1) Embracing your power people
2) Exploring your power practices
3) Experiencing your power predeterminations
Gain helpful insight for your own acceleration in this exciting age of awakening.

Steve Lancaster, is a Spiritual Seeker/Teacher and Pastor/Founder of the former Happy Church of Memphis, an organization locally renowned for its vibrant energy, compassionate empathy and bold originality. Steve evolved to explore a broader path of spiritual expression and interest.






July 13th

Show Topic: 

"Womb of God: Black Holes, Dark Matter

and the Quantum Birth Field"





Was our universe created from a Big Bang or Big Birth? In this pivotal moment in human history, we are beginning to experience a massive shift in collective consciousness, propelled by new frequencies of cosmic energies that are bathing the earth, as predicted by the Mayans and many other ancient peoples.

Azra Bertrand, MD, has spent twenty years immersed in the biology of healing, with a degree in bio-chemistry from University of North Carolina, a medical degree from Duke University, holding a medical residency in California and working at a top US research facility studying how nurturing and love affects the neuro-endocrine system. He is now the pioneer of a powerful new healing process called Soul Medicine, dedicated to helping awaken our powerful original biological blueprint, which is coded for us to embody profound states of love, vitality and creativity, but is often ‘offline’.






July 20th 

Show Topic:  "The New Aging and Death"






"My interest is aging. It seems like the one of those topics that very few people really want to discuss. It’s either too scary, too depressing, or too far in the future for most of us to want to think about. And Boomers, with their eternal optimism, think that we can conquer aging with exercise, diet, anti-aging creams, positive attitude, now jobs, cosmetic surgery, and more sex. Especially between the ages of 65-70, we're in a kind of honeymoon period - hey, this is not so bad. I can do this! And so we keep on being boomers! But let's look at aging more deeply. What's really going on here? The answer is this: Something truly extraordinary is happening. The first wave of 76 million “Baby Boomers,” representing 28 percent of the American population, began turning 65 in 2011 (ten thousand people each day - the silver tsunami!) and they will, on the average, live longer than any previous generation in history – at least 15 years more than their parents! Why is this important? We are beginning to experience an entirely new stage of human life. So I've been asking: What is this revolutionary longevity for? Just to get old and ugly and die? My work answers this question with a resounding "No!" My perspective on aging is not about decline and death, it's about the tasks, gifts and growth potential of this new time. It's about a new developmental stage driven by three powerful forces: initiation, transformation and revelation. Men have particular difficulty with aging and are often unable to shift from warrior mentality of quest and conquest to a more spiritual or contemplative understanding of the meaning and purpose of age."


John C. Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min. is a clinical psychologist with a second doctorate in ministry, an ordained interfaith minister, the author of eight books on the interface of psychology and spirituality (along with numerous articles, book chapters and guest blogs), and last but not least, an aging Boomer with grown children and a gaggle of grandchildren. His professional work specialized in midlife, men's issues, the integration of psychotherapy and spirituality, the nature of first-hand mystical experience, the psychology and spirituality of aging, and the archetypal revelations of myth and fairytale. A full time writer now, his interest has turned to the psychological, spiritual and mystical potential of the new aging.





July 27th 

Show Topic:  "

So You Think You Aren't Psychic

Let Us Prove Otherwise"




"We are all psychic. It is our Soul that we need to learn how to hear. I will walk everyone through exercises that I use in my teachings to help them to connect to their Soul so they can use to make their best decisions."

In 1979, while Jeannie Whyte was guided to develop her psychic and intuitive gifts, she located her spiritual mentors. After learning "Lindwall Releasing", she spent thirty years passing these techniques on to others and has subsequently developed her own techniques to activate the soul's abilities to engage its psychic skills. Jeannie’s methods are safe and effective. She is a Matrix Energetics practitioner and study group leader, a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master and Arching Radial Light Practitioner. Jeannie has a full-time practice offering classes and workshops and continues to provide psychic readings.

April 20th