The Divine Principle:

Anchoring Heaven On Earth  - Bestseller

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What if you had the chance to talk with God, 

asking Him as many questions as you wanted to?


Would you do it?

What would you ask?

What would you learn?


One June morning in 1996, Keith Blanchard, a musician and composer, found himself with just such an opportunity when he was awakened by a voice that seemed to permeate every fiber of his being. "Good Morning, My Friend. Wake up, for we have much to talk about!"


Although, initially, he had no intentions of writing a book, when Keith realized that what he was hearing would benefit others as much as himself, he began tape recording his "encounters." The Divine Principle is the result - a transcription of the many lively "talks" between him and God that give us insight into the ways energy and information come together to create both personal and world realities.


Keith says, "The subtitle of this book pretty much sums up what I believe is its heart - that each of us is capable of awakening the Divine within ourselves; that we can all anchor Heaven on Earth."


The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven On Earth, 

is an instructions manual to help you reach your fullest potential. It gives a clear outline of the attitude you need to become a conscious part of miracles and miracle-making. The one on one banter that takes place between God and the author is humble, yet brilliant in that, it reveals the unending love and devotion they share and their Supreme Desire to bring about the betterment for the reader, as well as the whole world.


Through this book you will come to understand the basic principles that govern the entire universe. In turn, this will help you to integrate the truth of where you come from, why you are here, who you are and to marvel in the delight that your future is whatever you want it to be.


The inner journey of knowing God as yourself is the path that everyone must walk to cross the threshold from human to Divine. This book is a key to the Door that behind has all of your answers.

Self-Reflection Workbook:

To Encourage Your Spiritual Development

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I’ve created this daily workbook to help you dislodge and let go of the beliefs you’re holding onto that are keeping you from your best life. If you “work it” honestly, courageously, and with a willingness to look at things different than you do now, what you’ll discover can transform you!

 Divine Daily Supplements:

365 Days of Spiritual Nourishment

(digital download)


The thoughts in this supplement have been taken directly from my book, "The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven On Earth."


It was designed to reveal the one thought you want to meditate on each day.


It’s my hope that you’ll let each one fill your day — your heart, mind and life — with warmth, light, joy and peace.


The Divine Principle:
Audio Book – Multi-media – Music Album

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This jewel encompasses the components of word, music and audio effects giving you a full and rich experience.

Anchoring Heaven On Earth:

Audio Meditation

(digital download)


Years ago, I got a gift from a wise and caring friend.

Though I’d had it all along, I couldn’t comprehend,

how big it was and yet so small; how it was there, yet not at all . . .


Close your eyes . . . take a deep breath and create

YOUR Heaven on Earth!


Eden Sky Wonders Why

How Do I Get To Heaven?


Eden Sky was a very bright six-year-old boy who asked so many questions that his parents often thought that maybe they should have named him Eden Sky Wonders Why instead of just Eden Sky. You know the kind of kid . . . the kind that wants to know everything about everything.

When the school bus brought Eden Sky home on this particular Monday, he was so excited to talk to his mom that he flew through the front door and headed straight for his bedroom. He was pretty sure he’d find her in there tidying up. The minute he plopped his backpack down on the bed, he began asking her the questions he’d been wondering about since recess.

For the Love of God:

A Spiritual Journey


In 1999, best-selling author, Keith Anthony Blanchard was visited in a dream by a Holy Man, inviting him to His ashram in India. Not sure how to make such a journey happen, Keith figured his best bet was to surrender and trust that everything would fall into place. Two weeks later, Keith received a miraculous phone call that set up the course of events that led him there.


This book is the beautiful story of Keith's passion, love, hope, faith, devotion and intention — the spiritual journey we must all undertake to embody bliss and live in it forever.


"There is only ONE God,

and He is omnipresent."

Do What You Love:

A Path To Passionate Living


We follow the life of Keith Blanchard, teacher, musician, radio show host, Filmmaker and author of the best-selling book, "The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven On Earth," as he talks to people who've read his book and have been influenced by his life. Keith also speaks to people he's never metto find out if they are living their passion.