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~ Power UP & Spread the Light ~             January 1, 2016

WOW . . . so much is happening in this period of my life! In the past year, my life has gone from meeting God-realized man, Swamjii Viswayogi, to the releasing of my new book, "For the Love of God: Spiritual Journey," to hosting Center of Light Radio with over 709,000 listeners. I don't know what to say except, that I AM GRATEFUL to the Grace that has been bestowed upon me.

All that being said, I want to thank YOU for your support in me and what I do as my contribution to the conscious expansion of humanity. YOU ROCK!

Don't let the world distract you!

Albert Einstein said, "The most important question we can ask ourselves is, 'Do you live in a friendly universe or a hostile one?'" The answer you give will determine your level of responsibility and the power you embody as a lightworker to help bring about the change needed to fulfill the prophecy of Heaven on Earth. 

You might ask, "But Keith, how can I stay centered when there is so much war and terrorism at every turn?" My answer to that question would be: "Though what is happening on the outside seems real, it's not. YOU are what is real! And that's why it's vital you continue to stand your inner ground and anchor all the Divine Light you can muster to the Earth.

Trust your life.

Trust your faith.

Trust your power.

Trust in your ability to see through and clear the fog that has been polluting collective human heart!

You KNOW why you are here and what you have been called to do. Stay steadfast, earnest and diligent to your Divine Script and let your destiny as a Warrior of Light emerge and guide the way . . . 


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for an amazing interview abour how you are!

From "The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven On Earth

“When will this cleansing occur?
It is happening now, Keith. Take a look around. Can you not see how the infrastructures of

family, religion, education and geopolitics are all beginning to weaken?
“Without a doubt. But I also see a lot of people who want to build, and are building, their lives

on truth. I see it on Oprah, the news — heck, I can see it in the eyes of people who don’t

even know they’re searching. It seems like almost everyone is looking for something to fill the

hole we all feel inside. What’s going on?”
I am answering people’s prayers!
You seem to think that the rebuilding of society and everyone’s search for truth are different

from one another, but they are one and the same. You are all creating these changes by finally

recognizing the illusion you have been living in, by realizing your relationship to a cause

greater than yourselves, and by deciding to take that cause up. It is through this new perception that you are becoming more globally aware, watching everything that takes place within the institutions at work in your modern world. Now, when mishaps happen, you demand answers.
“Will we ever know all the answers, I mean the truth about all the things that have been kept from us?”
If you continue your quest for Me, indeed you will, because all questions will fall by the wayside when I
become your Answer — the Answer within, the Answer without question!

What I am saying is that once everyone begins to establish the Divine within themselves, you will find the
solution to all of your problems. You are on the cusp of choosing your fate.
“What is it that we need to do to ensure that we make it?”
Take responsibility for everything that happens and tolerate nothing that is not in alignment with where you want to be.
“I’m sure that giving up our desire to acquire stuff wouldn’t hurt either.”
No, it would not. But surrender does not only require you to release your want for possessions; it also means you must abandon the dogmatic religious, cultural and political beliefs instilled in you by those who want to control. You must back out of those systems completely if you are not being fed loving spoonfuls of universal truth.
“I’ve met many who walk the path of universal truth, but are there enough of us to cause the world to shift?”
All over the world there are men and women who are living such exemplary lives that they elevate the consciousness of their entire sphere of acquaintances. There are enough of you, all right. It is when you will make the shift that remains in question. Pray that it will not take too long, because a few years hence, Christ the Good Shepherd will be ready to gather His flock.


Center of Light Radio wishes you a Happy New Year and, a Happy New YOU!

New Years has always been seen as the opportunity take a step toward newness in one's life for the next trip around the Sun.

Instead, why not use such a moment to set a life intention and create a new tone for your existance on Earth. 

The Do What You Love FOREVER Course will help you get clear about who you are and what it is that you deserve and are trying to call to you in this incarnation.

Anchoring your light . . . anchor your life!

From "For the Love of God: A Spiritual Journey"

As a young boy, I had an insatiable appetite — an unquenchable curiosity about God, the universe and my sole/Soul purpose for being on the Earth. And, it’s been a lifelong pursuit to curb my hunger for answers to the four simple, basic questions that were gnawing at me. Throughout all of my soul searching, I'm confident that I’ve come to the point the answers I've found are solid, balanced and are in alignment with the Highest Good of each and everyone's Divine Script. Here are those questions and my answers.
"Where did I come from?"
You came from the Great Ocean of Divine energy . . . the universe . . . the stars. We are all
Seeds of our Loving Creator planted on the Earth. Our celestial nature and freewill allows us
to germinate, grow, sprout and bloom, until the season when we are able to unfold the
Love of God.
"Why am I here?"
I was told over and over in my daily meditations that, the only reason we are “here,” is to
live the best life possible. But, for that to happen, we must live our passion. There's no
other reason for our birth. If God is Love, then it should make sense to you that, when you
do what you love, the River of Life moves through you and puts you on course to the bridge
between Heaven and Earth. I feel blessed to have come to this realization early on in my
adult life.
“Who am I?”
This question, which is probably the biggest one in the batch, took me a while to “get” and accept. Let’s examine it more closely.
If we came from God and will one day consciously return, who are we now? If God is the beginning and the end and we are in the middle of all that, who are we? If God is omnipresent (present in all places at all times), who are we? Point to yourself. Point to God. Can see the connection? At our essence, that is (the truth of) Who we are.
I'm aware that this kind of talk may cause some people to run away as fast as they can in fear. That’s because they don’t understand the Laws of Spirit nor the Laws of Physics. I'm also aware that it can sometimes be tough to see your Greatness. But believe me, you are more than you even realize. Your passionate, sincere search for your own answers is what’ll bring you to this realization for yourself. What helped me to reach my epiphany was understanding the simple idea that, God is the Energy which connects everything together and, if we were separate from that, we couldn't exist.
“Where am I going?”
Wherever you want! The choices are infinite. But, if you ever want to get where you are truly wanting to go, you must first know where you come from, why are you here and who you are. Only then will you be prepared to get to where you are going.

Communicating With Your Spirit Guides

I love this interview with Dr. Rita Louie!


Swamjii Viswayogi, Bring of UNITY

Universal integration, peace, love, brotherhood, service to needy people and propagation of human values are some of the goals of Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj who is an embodiment of divine love.
On March 5th 2003 Swamji’s physical body completed 59 years of divine existence and stepped into the 60th year. It was on this auspicious day that Swamiji declared his “Divine March Declaration” for Universal Integration & Peace. Swamiji also declared the year until March 5th 2004 as the year for Universal Integration & Peace.
America is a super power and India is emerging into a super power in the near future. So both the countries will have to play an important role for bringing peace on this earth. With the idea of bringing the two countries together and to spread his message of love and peace Swamiji has been visiting United States of America for the past few years.
Swamiji's aim is to touch the heart of each and every person from all sections of the society from the common man to the intellectual and the political leaders who are actually responsible for making some of the important decisions affecting the society. Spirituality has to be inculcated in the politicians so that they are able to rise above their selfish interest and work for the good of the society, country and the world. All religions are one and there should be no conflicts between the different religions. Peace can be a reality and this earth can be an abode of peace and happiness only if all the people in the society cooperate with each other and work for Universal integration and peace.  To spread this message Swamij ihas been visiting churches, temples and other social organizations during His visits to the USA.

A gift to me from Swamjii