R.P.M. is for Spiritual Seekers who want to SHIFT out of struggle
into a life GEARED to ACCELERATE your Effortlessness.
Effortlessness in abundance.
Effortlessness in relationships.
Effortlessness on your Spiritual Journey to expand in your Full Potential.

Bliss is an AMAZING thing . . .

. . . Let Me Rev You UP!

~ Recognize - Plug IN - Manifest ~


  • The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven On Earth Audio Course - Multimedia MP3 Album, featuring LavenderSoul

  • The Divine Principle: Self-Reflection Workbook: To Encourage Your Spiritual Development - digital download

  • Anchoring Heaven On Earth Audio Meditation - MP3 (30 Minutes)

  • Divine Daily Supplements: 365 Days of Spiritual Nourishment Exercises - digital download

  • Do What You Love: A Path To Passionate Living the Movie - online streaming 

  • Three 30 minute PRIVATE SESSIONS with me to navigate through all that you will experience during the course

  • TWO BONUS VIDEOS: Awareness UPlink with Steve Lancaster and Getting IN the Zone with Dr. Rtia Louise


  • Explosive Clarity

  • Intuitive and Awareness Expansion

  • A Deepened Sense of Connectivity To All Things

  • Expanded Levels of Joy and Bliss

  • The Feeling That You Can Accomplish Anything

  • Knowing the Power of Your Passion-fueled Willpower

  • Effortlessness In Aligning With the Abundance of All That Is

Are You Ready To . . .

Recognize Who You Are

Plug-IN To Your Real Power

Manifest the Effortlessness To FUEL Your Life.

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