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No thought ... no judgement.... judgment requires thinking

Cuz God Says So!

“What constitutes Love and can anything exceed the
parameters of Love?”
The answers are very simple. First, if you do not use
your freewill to impinge upon someone else’s, you are
exercising My Love. Second, My Love knows no parameters.
It transcends all boundaries of time, space and
judgment. It adheres to no rules pertaining to this or that.
I do not judge something to be anything other than Myself.
“But what I was taught . . . ”
Never mind what you were taught! I know this may not
sound like the god you have been used to; nonetheless,
these are the constructs of My Love.
“When trials show up in my life, does it mean that I’ve
been abusing my freewill? Is that why I sometimes feel You
are testing me?”
I have never tested anyone. The truth is, you are testing
yourself. Your unhappy experiences have come about
because you have not yet worked through your karma.

If one lives his/her whole life with a right/wrong point
of view and uses past memories to handle present circumstances,
the stillness and clarity necessary to make sound
choices will never be available. I am not saying that that
position is either right or wrong; I am saying it can only
result in one of those two possible outcomes.
Ego keeps people strapped into the front car of their
own emotional roller coaster on a ride that never ends,
because just over every incline is another right/wrong scenario
that launches them through those disorienting
swoops and loops yet again. As long as people refuse to get
off their judgment ride, they can never hope to plant their
feet on the solid ground of peace.

One way for you to get what I am saying is by observing
life partners who claim to love unconditionally, but
who remain stuck in their conditional condition, arguing
all the time.
Another prime example is the strife that exists among
many of the world’s nations, each standing firm on “our
idea is right” and “your idea is wrong.” This attitude
inevitably leads to arguments, wars and continued separation—
frustrating standoffs between those who would
rather defend their own position than concede and compromise.
Keith, you have tended to engage in this dynamic frequently,
have you not? Am I “right” in saying that you have
not achieved the effect that you were hoping for?
“Yeah, You’re ‘right’ about both. But what about the people
who say that their right or wrong opinion is based on
God’s Law?”
What about them? You are going to come across people,
especially some religious leaders, who support that
opinion by saying “God has determined what is right and
wrong and God is something to fear!”
It never ceases to amaze Me when I hear fear and God
in the same breath. The Scripture that says “Judge not, lest
ye be judged” does not mean that I judge your wrongs, then
punish you for your “sins.” It means that when you judge,
you judge yourself for the poor decisions you have made
in the past, and you judge others for the faults you see in
I am not like you in this regard. I have no past to cast
judgment upon, for it takes all My time just to be the Love
necessary to sustain Creation. My stance of unconditional
Love defines Who I am!
What defines the world is its present dilemma—figuring
out how to catch the ultimate wave of universal law.
Up until now, most of you have wiped out in all your
attempts because you have not yet learned the laws that
will let you hang ten and master that ride all the way to
Spirit. But now that I see your desire to change, I will present
them to you. I will place you atop My surfboard so that
you can finally coast in and land on My peaceful shore.

It is not a sin to be born human, it is a privilege! But you
can bet that the people who believe it is a sin are the same
people who have no sense of the Self, who expect some
kind of leniency from a judgmental god when they die.
My Children, you do not need Me to judge and punish
you for what you do! You have already assumed that position
yourselves—error by error, excuse by excuse,
judgment by judgment, lifetime by lifetime.
to help all of you recognize the judgmental thoughts and
feelings you have acted upon and the dreadful effects they
have had on you.
On some level, you already know when you make a
poor choice and you hold yourselves in contempt when
you do. What many of you do not know is how to live a
life without judgment. I can think of no better way to help
you stop judging than to show you how.
First, let Me ask, why would I take anything away from
you that you want and choose?
“You wouldn’t, because that would violate our freewill.”
Then, as I see it, what needs calibration is the way you
see things. Almost everyone imposes right/wrong,
good/bad limitations and because of them, you have created
a god in your own image, contriving that I am
judgmental like you, but a million times more so—or
worse, as you would say.
You yourself know the inner conflict that comes when
you live what you have been taught and believe to be true
and are presented with the real truth and must decide how
to handle it. When you regard Me as unconditional one
moment and judgmental the next, no wonder you are all
so confused.
“Yeah, it’s no wonder I’ve questioned some religious precepts
most of my life. They just don’t make much sense to me,
especially the one that proclaims that when I die, You will be
there to judge me and that You will be judgmental in Your
But why would anyone not think they stand before Me
right now?
“Maybe out of ignorance—from still thinking and believing
God is out there and not here—or because we don’t
want to feel that we’re responsible for our actions until the
very day we die.”
Know what? Both are true. Some do not yet understand
the omnipresence of God. Others feel they can just keep
buying time until that day, then deal with it then. But the
deleterious effects of such self-judgment are happening
here and now.

“It’s still challenging for me not to use judgment.”
When you find yourself judging, notice how it keeps
you in separation mode, between what is right (good) and
what is wrong (bad). And notice how it makes you want
to turn away from what you see as the supposed evil. That
is the relative mind at work, and a fear-based one it is!
Goods, bads, rights and wrongs vary from person to person;
yet each person arrogantly insists on basking in their
rightness while they belittle others for their perceived
“I’ve definitely been guilty of that!”
If the universe’s foundation were built on judgment, it
would be in the same pickle that many find themselves in
Fear of God?
on the earth plane. Indeed, if judgment were My modus
operandi, anyone and anything not to My liking would be
wiped out. People who believe in judging think that I will
deal with them in the same way that they think they must
deal with others. No wonder many have so little passion to
be with Me. And I do not blame them. Who in the world
would want to get next to a god that judges then condemns?
“I wouldn’t!”
Neither would I!
But people who do believe that way find themselves in
a Catch-22. That is, they love God and want to love Me
more, but still they are afraid. Deep down, they sense that
I am not judgmental, but what is stored in their gray matter
tells them differently. They are confused about what to
do and what not to do in their search for peace and fulfillment—
in their search for God.
The fear and judgment that many of you harbor is
undeniable evidence that you are still operating out of your
heads, operating on what you believe to be true. It is this
imprint that keeps you from knowing Me as Landlord of
your heart.

A person who believes that I do not provide
believes that they have nothing to give. A person who
believes in a judgmental god believes they must judge others.
A person who believes in a punishing god believes they
must punish others, and so on. The way you think I treat
you is the way you treat the world around you. My point
is, for those who do not choose to know Me as I truly am,
hell is a reality.
“I get it—it’s all about what we believe!”
You are close. It is all about what you know. And if you
truly know Me, Heaven is the only true reality. Regardless
of your point of view, know that you will only “have rapport”
with the God/god you see, think and feel.

© 2019 Keith Anthony Blanchard