"Heroic Nucleus 8"

Show Topic: "Keith's four-year experience with an alien Human Hybrid, Heroic Nucleus 8"

Dr. Rex Haire is a retired clinical psychologist who spent 40 years of his life evaluating and treating people with mental disorders. He has always believed in the existence of God, seeks to do His will, and attempts to live by the Golden Rule. Upon the urging of Al Tasha, Marjorie’s guardian angel, he kept daily notes for fifteen years about their incredible experiences with inter-dimensional beings which are the basis for his books. When others show interest, he enjoys discussing the many spiritual adventures he and his inter-dimensional family experienced. He lives in a house he built by hand, with help from his earthly family, and keeps his tractor and other tools in the barn he built, with help from 8, a channeling extraterrestrial, which are located on twelve acres of his beloved trees and pasture in rural northwest Tennessee.

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