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The angels love to be in relationship with us. They see how scared and confused we can get and they long to guide us toward ease and comfort. They enjoy a playful relationship with us – it’s not necessary to talk in hushed, reverent tones around them. They like to help us find good parking spots and to make our life easier. They like to help us feel centered and confident. They like us to feel loved.

Laura is an Angel Guide and Energy Healer. She is an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, YUEN METHOD PRACTITIONER and REGISTERED YOGA TEACHER. Laura has been offering alternative healing since 2007. In her healing sessions, Laura weaves together Yuen Method energy healing with Angel Therapy® techniques. The Yuen Method (which is a modernized form of Qi Gong – Chinese energetic medicine) strengthens the flow of chi energy in the spinal cord and throughout the body and meridians by identifying areas of weakness and correcting them to strength. It’s a powerful and effective, yet gentle and hands-off form of energy healing. In addition, Laura is grateful to have attended “angel camp” with Doreen Virtue in 2008 and offers her clients angel healing and guidance, as well as readings from archangels, ascended masters, spirit guides, animal spirit guides and nature spirit guides.

Communicating with the angelic realm has become very comfortable and familiar, but Laura never takes it for granted. She checks in with her guardian angels often and receives their love and guidance throughout the day. Though she has heard and seen countless magnificent angel messages over the years, she is still discovering more about the love and support of heaven.

In addition to the Yuen Method and Angel Therapy®, Laura has also been influenced by Christianity, Buddhism, yoga philosophy, anthroposophy, Ho’oponopono, A Course In Miracles, Law of Attraction as well as authors such as Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford and Byron Katie. She deeply enjoys working with her clients and celebrates their healing with them every day.

Laura is excited about offering mini angel readings to our listeners tonight. If you have a question for the angels, Laura is happy to deliver the answer. If you’d like to know what your guardian angel looks like, or what archangel is assisting you right now, you can ask.


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