"Womb of God: Black Holes, Dark Matter & the Quantum Birth Field"

Was our universe created from a Big Bang or Big Birth? In this pivotal moment in human history, we are beginning to experience a massive shift in collective consciousness, propelled by new frequencies of cosmic energies that are bathing the earth, as predicted by the Mayans and many other ancient peoples.


Azra Bertrand, MD, has spent twenty years immersed in the biology of healing, with a degree in bio-chemistry from University of North Carolina, a medical degree from Duke University, holding a medical residency in California and working at a top US research facility studying how nurturing and love affects the neuro-endocrine system. He is now the pioneer of a powerful new healing process called Soul Medicine, dedicated to helping awaken our powerful original biological blueprint, which is coded for us to embody profound states of love, vitality and creativity, but is often ‘offline’.



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