"So, You Say You Aren't Psychic. Let Us Prove Otherwise"

"We are all psychic. It is our Soul that we need to learn how to hear. I will walk everyone through exercises that I use in my teachings to help them to connect to their Soul so they can use to make their best decisions."


In 1979, while Jeannie Whyte was guided to develop her psychic and intuitive gifts, she located her spiritual mentors. After learning "Lindwall Releasing", she spent thirty years passing these techniques on to others and has subsequently developed her own techniques to activate the soul's abilities to engage its psychic skills. Jeannie’s methods are safe and effective. She is a Matrix Energetics practitioner and study group leader, a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master and Arching Radial Light Practitioner. Jeannie has a full-time practice offering classes and workshops and continues to provide psychic readings.



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