"VOICE of the Divine with His Holiness, Swamjii Viswayogi"

VOICE OF THE DIVINE: "UNITY AND HEAVEN ON EARTH." I have recently interviewed Swamjii Viswayogi on video about the state of the world and other very important matters that effect us the world over. During this interview Swamjii lovingly, yet POWERFULLY shares His Divine Wisdom that, if we all take heed, we can change the world and fulfill the Prophecy of Heaven On Earth. Click this link to watch this amazing video interview with Swamjii: www.irntube.com. For the chat-room which you can bet I will be in to speak with you, go to: www.irnchat.com. His Holiness Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj is a spiritual humanist who is an embodiment of Divine and unconditional love. Universal integration, peace, love, brotherhood, service to needy people and propagation of human values are some of the goals of Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj. Lord Datta appeared to him in a dream and gave him initiation with Taraka mantra. One night he had a vision in which he noticed beams of light emanating from the Jyotirlinga (the idol of Viwanatha). Since at the same time his wife in Guntur gave birth to a male child, Sri Anjaneyulu named his new-born son Viswanatha Sastri. Everyone, however, used to call the child Viswam. In the year 1965, Sri Dattatreya Wadekar Maharaj, a dear disciple of Sri Sridhar Maharaj, gave mantropadesa - a process of spiritual initiation in which the Guru gives to the disciple a mantra - and transmitted all his power to Sri Viswayogi in the same way as Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa gave away all his powers to Sri Vivekananda. From then onward Sri Viswayogi practiced severe austerities for twenty one years with undivided attention and observing strict celibacy both physically and mentally. While thus engaged he remained free of all traces of ego and attachments of every kind. Through intense yogic sodhana (search) and yogic sadhana (exertion) he became the recipient of the supreme power of awareness. With that he became a Viswayogi and is today regarded as Viswadatta. Out of his boundless compassion, he gave to humanity the mantra - OM SRI SAIRAM GURUDEVA DATTA - which has proved to be a kalpavriksha - a divine wish-fulfilling tree - fulfilling every desire of his disciples. On 11th November 1988 Sri Viswamjee resigned his job as a teacher so that he could fully make himself available for the services of the society at large, and achievement of his goal in particular. His was a like of complete dedication to mankind. Swamiji is considered as Lord Dattatreya's Ninth Avathara, Viswambhara who descended, into this world, and into this Universe. He advented in the person of SRI VISWAYOGI Viswamjee Maharaj. He assumed an elemental human body, so that humanity may approximate to divinity and can behold the blissful form of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu(the Sustainer) and Maheshwara(the annhilator) in one. The Datta Maharaj called Viswayogi Viswamjee as Viswambhara. The great liberated evolved Soul, Kanchi Paramacharya, Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswathy Swami beheld Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee with awe, wonder, mystifying excitement and looked at the lustrous splendour around Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee. The Swamiji got a big sized Rudraksh rosary and bedecked the neck of Sri Viswamjee with the sacred rudraksh garland with adoration, admiration, affection and with affable love. He called and named Viswamjee as "Mahayogi", the greatest of Yogis. The nature of Viswayogi is Purity, Purity and Purity. The creed of Viswayogi is Love, Love and Divine Love. The function of Viswayogi is selfless help to the needy, the sick, the under privileged and to every aspirant, who tries to attain self-realization through surrender to God. He is verily the gem of purest ray, inhabiting the earth today to unite humanity.


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