"Awakening To Beauty"

Nicole says, "My spiritual awakening this summer, whereby I had an out-of-body experience and realized that I am truly a soul having a human experience, the difference that has made in my life, and the creation of Awaken to Beauty community, which I use to teach the principles I have discovered." Nicole Belle is the creator of the Free Your Focus Weight Loss System. For the last 4 years, she has taught women how to lose weight without rules, restrictions, or dieting of any kind. Her program consists of mindfulness principles, body wisdom, and self-love. She recently experienced a deep spiritual transformation and decided to open her practice to guide all women to experience the deep and lasting beauty that is their true nature. Nicole's mission in life is to help women: 1) connect to the beauty of their soul, 2) align their heart, mind, and body with this true beauty and then 3) express it into the world She calls this Journey "Awakening to Beauty."


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