"Orations: A Time of Unity"

"ORATIONS: A TIME OF UNITY." Cynthia Bacon is a Spiritual Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist in basic and advanced disease, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Shamballa Reiki Master Teacher and certified in Matrix Energetics. I AM a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient and channel information through the Ascended Masters and my Crystal Skull “Maia.”

Through group participation with the Litany of Light Orations, Cynthia will share how she makes her prayer beads and the process each set goes through before their sold. She will also talk about Methodology of Shakti Lifestream Course which teaches the "codes" that she downloads in all her crystals with especially the Oration Beads. But most importantly, she will share the message of Unity through the Life of St. Benedict through the protection of St. Michael, why we need protection daily and how we can simply change the world through FOCUS, CHANTING AND INTENT.

Additionally, Cynthia is a retailer of “Healing” crystals and jewelry that she energizes with ancient healing encodements to aid the energy fields of all who wear them as well as work with them. Her Native American name is Wind Eagle. She has been on a 38 year journey and has learned many things but is always a continual “student.” Her heart is with the Earth Mother. She is dedicated to her “healing” and her knowledge to our “enlightenment” as one gracefully passes from one to another.


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