"Enlightenment or Bust"

September 21, 2015, on The Center of Light Radio Show my guest is Craig Villarrubia, and we will be discussing his new movie, "A Course In Miracles: 'Enlightenment or Bust.'"

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~ Power UP & Spread the Light ~

Craig will be discussing his movie, its central message and enlightenment. The movie is about following inspiration to come into the experience of the Reality of our True identity (as Spirit). Craig will share his personal experience with A Course in Miracles, its teachings and how the application of its principles (forgiveness and mind training) can be a tool to peace of mind and happiness.

Craig Villarrubia is a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles. After a many years of seeking for fulfillment in worldly pursuits, Craig has realized that fulfillment can only be found in Truth. It would be the teachings of the A Course In Miracles, more importantly the application of its principles, that would lead to a revelatory experience of love. He is devoted to awakening and sharing its joy. He serves on the board of directors for two non profits, MiracleShare.org and CenterfortheWakingMind.org. Desiring only to extend Love’s message, Craig also blogs and tweets about Self-discovery and the application of non-dual spiritual teachings taught in ACIM.


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