"The Journey of Self-Discovery"

What is this journey of self-discovery? What does it mean? How does it happen and why? How do you know you are being prompted by your soul? Tools to help with the journey of self-discovery and what you have to look forward to as you embrace and allow the Divine Unfoldment of the journey of self-discovery.

Madra Little, Conscious Channel, Practitioner of the Healing Arts, Vibrational Resonance Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Facilitator for Personal & Spiritual Growth. Having experienced a complete transformation in late 2001 which she contributes to the crystal skull consciousness, Madra has been facilitating the journey of self-discovery & self-realization for others for over a decade now. A gifted intuitive, she utilizes hypnosis, crystals, sound, and color as tremendous tools in raising vibration and changing lives. Her 'essence' is extremely effective in facilitating spiritual evolution and soul integration. An important part of helping others is in sharing life's experiences for it's in sharing that we realize our true identities and abilities'. Sharing' uplifts and empowers us serving as a catalyst for remembering.

As a facilitator of transition and transformation, she currently serves in various capacities for those seeking guidance in navigating on their journey. She is a pioneer in vibrational resonance through sound and is known for her sound meditations in the Memphis, TN and surrounding area. She helps others connect with their own innate gifts & abilities on their soul's journey, and coaches them in getting their creative and productive energies flowing which is vital to living a fulfilled life and being on purpose.The focus and intent of her work is to restore balance facilitating healing at every level and assisting others in the return to Grace. She facilitates events, workshops, meditations and represents the Divine Feminine in restoring balance to the planet. Services offered: Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Energetic & Soul Readings, Spiritual & Personal Coaching, Vibrational Sound Healing, Dream Interpretation, Reiki & Long Distance Healing.


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