Brandon Russ discusses raising vibrations in three main ways. 1) Personal empowerment with 'Adult Empaths'. - Intuitive Coaching for life purpose and path 2) Corporate empowerment with companies in transition - Executive and Organizational Management 3) Indigo Children education - Indigo parenting classes and family education delivery 15 years Corporate executive experience in Recruiting and Human Resources, Certified Intuitive Counselor, Certified Recovery Coach, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Educator, Speaker and Trainer, Intuitive Development series that brings beginning students to a full understanding of the aspects of intuition, Intuitive Living series - Allows developed intuitives to incorporate their gifts into daily life, Intuitive Leader Workshops - How to lead with intuition and produce in any environment. Meditation - From basic to developed journeys, one on one and group. With techniques adapted from Qi Gong, Buddhism and Christianity, he guides the meaning to personal empowerment. This is centered the healing energy incubator, "Spirit Tree Connections" where we facilitate the tools for a persons path. We have development classes for intuition, artist deliveries such as painting, drawing, writing and even musicians. We also have practical things such as personal finance coaching and resume writing to attract the right fit for you. We offer meditation events for each one of deliveries above. We bring in guest speakers that live in their passion and work the clay and hold special events like Meditation Under the stars at a local planetarium.


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