"Enlightenment: 7 States of Consciousness"

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced Transcendental Meditation to the West. Through his own deep experience of the finest values of life and creation, he brought with him a body of knowledge whereby through developing ones consciousness — through the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation — one could start to experience “higher states of consciousness.”

All human beings experience 3 states of consciousness eg waking, sleeping, & dreaming. Transcendental Meditation has been scientifically known to bring on 4 other states of consciousness entirely. These higher states of consciousness have been lumped into one category called “enlightenment” for those fortunate enough to experience them, even if those experiences were only “glimpses.” Maharishi had integrated the deepest values of enlightenment so deeply that he was able to demonstrate how these experiences unfold in a clear, systematic and sequential manner. He called these higher states: Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness.

Ann Purcell is an award winning author and musician whom has been teaching meditation around the world since 1973. Ann currently oversees the teaching of Transcendental Meditation in girl’s schools and communities in several countries in Africa. In addition, she has worked on curricula and course development for universities and continuing education programs. Her latest book, The Transcendental Meditation Technique and the Journey of Enlightenment was published on March 13, 2015 and her 7th album will be released in May, 2016.

For more on Ann: www.enlightenmentforeveryone.com www.facebook.com/Enlightenmentforeveryone

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