"Transformational Catalyst"

Terry says, "Why when we set a goal, why can't we just achieve it? How to change your inner critic permanently into your INNER Coach! Why the world is the way it is and how that is a result of the unrest in our minds!"

Terry Dika Volchoff is a Transformational Catalyst , a former meditation teacher, PNRT Certified , Successful Relationship Teacher(post) and Conscious Bars ® practitioner. She’s an avid traveler, seeker and explorer with a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge!

Terry has been active in the Personal development field as both a teacher and a student. She always had an inner knowing that there was a solution to every problem. That led her to years of workshops and trainings to fill the knowledge gap inside. After overcoming her own challenges with illness and powerlessness, she became a teacher, leading others along their journey of recovery and reinvention. As a successful entrepreneur, she has owned a health and wellness spa business since 1990 accumulating a vast expertise in holistic healing and health.

When she found a way to permanently transform the thoughts in your mind without struggling against yourself, she passionately took on this new training to help herself and others be free from the programs in the mind and embrace all that they can be. It is Terry’s purpose and passion to assist people to become all that they have dreamed of, changing their lives quickly and permanently through her work. Bringing freedom and personal power to people all over the world.

Terry is socially conscious Transformation Catalyst who works with other socially conscious purpose driven healers and entrepreneurs. She knows when we change our internal dialogue the world changes too!

Nothing lights her up more than seeing people changing their lives quickly and permanently by turning the mind chatter off and turning the confidence dial on high. Setting it to automatic. Appointments are available in Hamilton, ON in person, by phone or Skype.


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