"Adopt A Thriving Mindset - Transform Your World"

Carmen M. Perez is a Lifestyle Expert and Mentor for Entrepreneurs, the author of “How to Be a Spiritual Girl in a Material World” to be released later this summer and creator of Effortless Living Online, a lifestyle blog for the heart centered and purpose driven who want to reclaim their time and calm the chaos so they may transform the way they experience their world.

Carmen has a unique understanding of the difficulties involved in recommitting to hope and living a life of quality in a social environment where only 7% of the population have achieved connective, physical, and emotional well-being in their lives.

She is eager to share what she has discovered and successfully practiced and applied in her own life and business, along with highly effective strategies, best practices, information, tips and tricks, on mastering "Thriving" so you may create a lifestyle that no longer accepts survival the default for living a life well lived.

Carmen is a mentor for Central Florida's Girls Going Places and has appeared on Orlando's Fox Morning Show and spoken at several professional organizations and conferences.


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