"Children of the Rainbow"

"Children of the Rainbow: How the New Generation of Children Are Changing Our Future"

Over the past four years, actress and producer Kristie Reeves has been interviewing people from all over the world for the documentary series "The Children of the Rainbow" and she shares her learnings with Keith.

German born, Kristie Reeves has been in the entertainment industry since childhood. Kristie has worked intensely in dance, theater, and film. After graduating high school, she received a teaching diploma in classical ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance in London of which she became a member at the age of fourteen. She has danced, acted and sung in numerous musical theater productions, appeared in music videos alongside Jennifer Lopez and others, has won awards for her choreographies and danced with several companies in four different countries. Besides her work on stage and in front of the camera, Ms Reeves has worked as a production assistant and stage manager working her way up to producer on numerous films, commercials and plays.

As an actress she has worked on TV shows such as “The Division”, “Eyes” and “Las Vegas”. She played Roberta in the feature film “September Song” directed by famous German director Uli Lommel, Detective Keller in the feature “Sub-ter-fuge” and Charlene in the short film “In the Meantime” (which she also produced).

The first short Kristie produced in Los Angeles, “The Dancer”, took first place at the Pasadena Arts Center Film Festival and won best cinematography at the Oklahoma Short Film Festival. Her film “Two Oranges and a Lemon” (in which she also played the lead role) had its world premiere at the Chennai International Women’s Film Festival in India in May 2014 and has since then been the official selection of more than 20 film festivals.

Kristie has been the producer and interviewer on „The Children of the Rainbow“, a documentary series about the new generation of children and their struggles as well as gifts and what we as a society are able to do to support our children to thrive. Kristie is the owner of Songlines Entertainment, a production company with offices in Los Angeles and Germany.

The documentary series looks at the new generation of children and asks the questions: Who are the Indigo and Rainbow children? What is their mission? Why have so many children been labeled with ADD/ADHD and other disorders? What support can we give to our children? And what can we as adults do to help our children thrive and find their gifts?

Children are our future and by changing the way we raise our children, we can create a better world.

www.KristieReeves.com www.TheChildrenOfTheRainbow.org

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