"Beyond the Illusion: Sacred Codes To Melt the Matrix Into Bliss"

Victor Da Ponte is a spiritual teacher whose passion is unlocking hidden bliss, power and love contained inside the illusionary matrix of separation. His relentless pursuit for freedom has led him to continually evolve and discover unique systems of transformation to share with the world. From Quantum Reprogramming and I AM Alchemy, to his most recent work – The Sacred Codes – one thing is for sure, his words help activate the infinite potential in our DNA and take people beyond.

Through his work, people all over the world are discovering the true magic and epicness of Oneness and are able to unlock the blissful power inside either end of polarity. Hi vision is that million and millions of people discover how there really is only ONE and that everything that is happenings – is happening out of love and can always feel amazing – as unbounded freedom does.


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