"TAKEN: A Child Time Traveler"

"TAKEN: A Child Time Traveler" - The Kenneth Pass Story. Kenneth Pass at a very early age was abducted and taken back thousands of years, lived then in that time for 2 years and was brought back to the present. Hear his amazing story! "It took a very long time to walk from what is now called Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. Children can travel such great distances in a short matter of time, thousands of years ago. Hand in hand, with the elders, many bands of people, great spirits and the extraterrestrials who were following us from inside their craft we lived. We were just children with few adults from the future.

The elders told stories about us thru the generations and recorded us on petroglyphs on prophecy rock. I am one of those children. This is much more than an average abduction experience; it's called the prophecy. I have been here for a very long time. I have watched humanity’s growth. I was in Heaven and became a time traveler. I became an extraterrestrial as part of the collective and was allowed to drive the craft.

To have been remembered for many thousands of years is a gift. But I was just a child who didn't understand many things and saw everything new; a child who before he was born in his body was already alive, walking our Mother Earth and living in Heaven.

I have recorded documentation by the ancient ancestors; by the extraterrestrials; by Heaven; so very different. Destiny – Prophecy - A Child."

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