"Cosmic Awareness: A Small Step Towards a Giant Leap of Mind"

Heather Sartain comes forward sharing inside information from her father, a former NASA aerospace engineer, during 4 decades of evolving space flight. She is a mother of two, an adjunct professor of physics and geology while committed to a career in science and technology. Heather's hobbies include writing, photography, stargazing, traveling and mineral therapy. She currently is writing 3 books. The first 2 books explain evolution of our DNA by earth's catastrophic events, geomagnetic reversals and extra-terrestrial intervention. In them, she provides scientifically supported evidence utilizing the changes in human blood types as a foundation for understanding DNA changes in the first book, "Blood Type Evolution and Earth's Catastrophic Events." The second book, "Blood Type Evolution and Extraterrestrial Intervention," Heather once again, uses blood type DNA as a foundation for how Extraterrestrials intervene with the DNA coding of living things on this planet. Her third book in progress, "Pineal Gland Devolution", Heather explains how our pineal gland, a vital organ for communication, spiritual growth and manifestations has been devolving from a harmful process of toxin exposure introduced to our government by the Reptilian Race. Heather and her children have dealt with many extraordinary events, unusual encounters, paranormal activity and vivid, realistic dreams encountering beings from other dimensions.


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