"iGod -the Movie and Avatars"

Rashmi Khilnani shares with Center of Light Radio about her ability to channel Ascended Masters, her books as well as a movie she produced with Neale Donald Walsch and Robert Friedman titled, iGod."

Having lived and established a global business network with her former husband, in the last 15 years she has gone on to studying and teaching with world-renowned avatars, gurus and teachers and become a specialist in Energy Medicine. She is on the forefront of bringing the ancient mystery school teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet, China and the Teachings of the Essenes into current time and making these teachings simple and accessible to people at all levels of soul journeying. Rashmi is a modern mystic. She teaches and practices several healing modalities and has taught Reiki Masters, doctors, scientists and people from many walks of life the secrets of the Mystery School teachings. She is a global metaphysical teacher, urban shaman, international lecturer, artist, seminar leader and TV personality. www.rashmikhilnani.com

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