"How To Stay Grounded In Troublesome Times"

Jason would be considered a life long experiencer who has interacted with the multidimensional worlds. Since an early age Jason has been awakened to things that are outside the normal range of perception of just the physical world. He has had many out of body experiences and has encountered ghosts, aliens and other dimensional beings. He has been taken on out of body time travel journeys and has remembered many of his past lives. Jason has been studying various modalities and spiritual practices with teachers from around the world. He graduated from the Institute of Energy Wellness in 2005 and began working with ancient healing techniques and became a student of Algonquin Shamanism. From his out of body experiences Jason has received information on numerous energetic systems of healing and spiritual development. He published these methods in his book “Egyptian Postures of Power - Ancient Qigong System” and “The Yosef Codes - Sacred Geometry Mandalas of Meditation”. In 2015, Jason started to work on publishing his story and information with the late Bob Mitchell. “Forbidden Knowledge - Revelations of a Multidimensional Time Traveler” was released March 2016, and almost instantly went international being translated into German, Chinese and Japanese. Jason was also one of the guest personalities featured in the 2015 UFO documentary “The Resonance”. Jason has also worked as the creative director for Tesla Magazine from 2014-15. With the anniversary of 9/11, ongoing wars, North Korea and the very recent hurricanes hitting the USA, how do we continue to stand strong so we may hold our light in this chaotic world. Jason will discus his personal experiences and what he has learned from his lifetime of studying, teaching and practicing many modalities of energy medicine, shamanic journeys, and Qigong. "When we go through 'Traumas', personal or collective, we loose a piece of our selves to that wound. Through healing we can reclaim that missing piece so we can stand in our power again."


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