"Achieving Love and Optimism in a Crazy World"

Scout Wilkins is a naturalist and systems thinker, an engineer and a builder, using these skills to explore the structure of human consciousness. She has been an adjunct Professor of Life Sciences at ASU, Professional Development Coach for the Biomimicry Professional Program, is a powerful life coach and energy worker, and a back-country guide in southern Utah’s red rock desert. We are an amazing species poised on the threshold of profound freedom and unlimited possibility, as we learn new ways to work with our consciousness. I have known from a young age what that feels like….and then I fell out of touch with it. My life path has been a quest to regain that sense of possibility and freedom. My big question has been: What are the obstacles that we put in our own way, why do we do it, and how does it work, so we can do something different? I want to share what has worked for me, in real world terms. HOW I did this, how I recovered from my own hopelessness, feeling trapped and incapable of making a difference, and moved into the freedom of loving my life and everything in it, knowing that things are exactly in order and I am an effective and important part of them. There is a heart-opening, expansive mental/spiritual/physical freedom available that will blow your mind, and open your entire world to magic. It just takes letting go of one specific thing.


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