"The Beginning Is Near"

In this broadcast, Joseph discusses the problem of duality as it applies in science and spirituality and demonstrate the importance of resolving the binding paradox by pointing to the negative consequences of the separation and concomitant anxiety, implicit in dualism, that really affects us in our ordinary lives. I will then introduce the listeners to a new concept that is proposed to bridge the divide and provide us a pair of corrective lens so that we may see and understand our reality more clearly. The beauty that comes out of this is in how the science and spirituality become one. Bio: Titus Joseph is author of two books on metaphysics entitled, “Our Curious World of Mirror Images,” and, “I AM ‘Mind,’ I AM ‘Consciousness’.” These books introduce a new idea to us called, “Positional Symmetry - Requisite Mirror Image.” PSRMI is conceived as the arche—the fundamental principle that explains how existing things come into being, as evidenced by the curious symmetries we see throughout nature and mirrored in the laws of science. Mr. Joseph has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a minor in Religious Studies and a Master’s degree in Counseling. www.titusjoseph.com

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