"The Energy Dynamic Model, Human Nature and Modern Society"

Jennifer says, “I’ve developed a way of understanding people that can be used to improve wellbeing. When I worked at Cathedral Employment Enterprises, this was the job that opened my eyes and created a lifelong passion for developing people through employment and creativity. I delivered a standard course to over 2,000 unemployed people with all sorts of different situations and abilities over a time period of 2 years. I was made redundant when the government changed the contract terms. I spend most of my free time home educating my third child who is 6 years old, which I enjoy very much. I also love to develop projects and I am working on one at the moment to do with voice and performing skills with people who are vulnerable. I also support my eldest son and a friend in running their two businesses in art and enjoy networking and facilitating exhibitions for them. My first love is theatre and how people ‘work’ today and I am often thinking about plays, writing and ideas.”


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