"All Things We Are Not Supposed To Know About"

Aage Nost was born on a farm in Norway, in Northern Europe. He had to take over much of the work and management of the farm at an early age as a teen-ager. While still a teenager, he learned Hypnosis from a magician in Europe. By the age of 25 he had learned several languages, studied science including Metaphysics and different forms and theories of Spirituality. Between then and now, he has done and been involved in many projects. Aage taught the "Subliminal Dynamics Mind Development" course, (now called "Subliminal Dynamics Mind Management"), which teaches you to assimilate information from a book at the rate of 50,000 or more words per minute or more, Perfected memory, Creative visualization for healing and manifestation, Creative goal setting, and other things not taught in the regular school system.

He co-wrote a book with author, Patricia Ress of Omaha, Nebraska, titled "Alien Encounters in America's Midwest". It featured hidden Government documents proving the Government cover-up of the UFO issue, NASA prints of building and structures on our Moon, and personal testimonies from people who have had contacts with Extra Terrestrials. Aage is also the author of; "Spiritual Science, Higher Consciousness Thinking And How To Access the Universal Consciousness", which is now available at Amazon.com.


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