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The Divine Principle:

Anchoring Heaven On Earth (digital download)

What if you had the chance to talk with God,

asking Him as many questions as you wanted to?


Would you do it?

What would you ask?

What would you learn?


One June morning in 1996, Keith Blanchard found himself with just such an opportunity

when he was awakened by a voice that seemed to permeate every fiber of his being. 

”Good Morning, My Friend. Wake up, for we have much to talk about!” 

Self-Reflection Workbook:

To Encourage Your Spiritual Development (digital download)


I’ve created this daily workbook to help you dislodge and let go of the beliefs
you’re holding onto that are keeping you from your best life.
If you “work it” honestly, courageously, and with a willingness to look at things
different than you do now, what you’ll discover can transform you!

Divine Daily Supplements:

365 Days of Spiritual Nourishment (digital download)


The thoughts in this supplement have been taken directly from my book,

The Divine Principle. It was designed to reveal the one thought you want

to meditate on each day.
It’s my hope that you’ll let each one fill your day — your heart, mind and life — 

with warmth, light, joy and peace.

Do What You Love:
A Path To Passionate Living (online streaming)
A Spiritual Documentary about living your passion. We follow the life of Keith Blanchard, writer of 'The Divine Principle,' talk to people who've read his book and been influenced by his life. Keith also speaks to people he's never met to find out if they are living their passion. This documentary is meant to show you by example, that it is possible to enjoy what you do every day, by finding the one thing or several things which you are truly passionate about in life.

The Divine Principle:
Audio Book – Multi-media – Music Album (digital download)
This jewel encompasses the components of word, music and audio effects
giving you a full and rich experience.

Anchoring Heaven On Earth:

Audio Meditation (digital download)


This 30 minute audio meditation will help you to harness the creative power of intention, clarity, visualization, acceptance and allowance, which will bring your best life to you at the speed of light!